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Christopher Chiropractic Center

When it comes to our bodies and our health, I think that most of us would agree that the most noninvasive treatment should be applied first. Chiropractic is just that, noninvasive. Using no drugs or surgery chiropractic applies a truly natural technique in its healing process.

Chiropractic is the largest non-medical healing art in the world. It has heavy scientific validation and has been growing in popularity since its inception in 1895.

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Statement Of Purpose

To strengthen the current shift in consciousness that the prevention of disease is the highest priority of health care.

To educate people about the true nature of health and its relationship to our nervous system.

To have an office environment that attracts patients and their loved ones by setting an outstanding example of professional, caring, healthy and uplifting behavior.

To anticipate patients needs and confront their fears and ignorances with knowledge and information in a caring manner.

To make health a priority in our own life so we have the energy to move others with our intention.